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ExpiredLifetime access to Analytify’s AppSumo Plan

$49 $399
Lifetime access to Analytify’s AppSumo Plan
Lifetime access to Analytify’s AppSumo Plan
Lifetime access to Analytify’s AppSumo Plan
$49 $399

Simplify with Analytify.

One-click your way to user-friendly Google Analytics for your WordPress site.

Whenever I’m feeling overly confident, I like to log into Google Analytics and bring myself down a peg or two.

All of those complex numbers and graphs can turn WordPress traffic data into a traffic jam (lol, I’ll see myself out).

But whether you’re a blogger with questions about your audience or a business focused on marketing, there’s a WordPress plugin that makes data simple.

Meet Analytify.

Analytify is a powerful WordPress plugin that gives you an in-depth view of your site visitors.

Analytify takes boring, hard-to-understand data and turns it into eye-catching, straightforward analytics that help you see and understand your audience.

And get this. Because it’s a simple plugin, you can install all of its features with just one click. That’s right, Analytify will do all the heavy lifting for you, so go ahead and put those Google Analytics and WooCommerce tracking codes down.

In one dashboard, you’ll see beautifulreal-time data and charts displaying number of sessions, visitors, and page views.

Business owners, marketers, and bloggers are using Analytify to make sense of their GA data.

And now, you can too with this exclusive AppSumo Bundle:

  • Analytify Pro
  • 5 Sites (up to 50 sites if you stack 10!)
  • WooCommerce add-on
  • EDD add-on
  • Email notifications add-on
  • Campaigns add-on
  • Goals add-on
  • Dashboard widget add-on

Whether it’s a new landing page, a particular post, or a WooCommerce store, Analytify will instantly show you data you can comprehend.

And with that, you’ll be able to better understand your site visitors and potential customers!

Get lifetime access to Analytify for just $49! That’s a one-time purchase, not month, not yearly – once!

  • Lifetime access to Analytify’s AppSumo Plan
  • Even though your deal is lifetime, you must redeem your code(s) by Feb 1, 2019
  • 5 sites per code
  • All future updates to the Analytify AppSumo Plan
  • Priority Support
  • New customers only **
  • Stack up to 10x!
  • 60-day money back guarantee. No matter the reason.

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Lifetime access to Analytify's AppSumo Plan
$49 $399
Lifetime access to Analytify’s AppSumo Plan
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