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Expired3,000 AudioHero Hero Plan Credits

$39 $299.99
3,000 AudioHero Hero Plan Credits
3,000 AudioHero Hero Plan Credits
3,000 AudioHero Hero Plan Credits
$39 $299.99

The hero we need but don’t deserve.

Bring your content to life with 250K+ premium music tracks and sound effects.

You know that adding the right sounds to your content can increase engagement and conversions.

But you also know that you don’t want to fork over your rainy day fund to get high-quality sound effects and music tracks. (Alexa, play Despacito.)

Luckily, we’ve found a way to let you keep your paper and get access to sweet sounds.

Meet AudioHero.

AudioHero is a library stocked with over 250,000 premium royalty-free sound effects and music tracks that you can use to upgrade your content.

AudioHero gives you access to high-qualityroyalty-free effects and music that you won’t be ashamed to use.

In fact, some of its inventory has been in feature films, television broadcasts, and video games. (So if you find yourself thinking “this sounds familiar” while browsing its inventory, that’s why.)

So whether you’re launching a YouTube channel or spicing up social media ads, AudioHero’s got you covered.

How will I ever find what I’m looking for in a sea of 250K+ musical options?”

Finding the right music track or sound effect in AudioHero’s library is a piece of cake—just set a couple of filters (genre, length, mood, and tempo) and voila!

But if you can’t be bothered with a simple search, you can use AudioHero’s Sonic Search, which allows you to drag and drop a music file from your desktop to initiate an audio-based search for similar music. (Drag, drop, find, repeat.)

AudioHero’s founder grew up in a household of entrepreneurs, and because of this, built AudioHero with entrepreneurs in mind.

He knew that starting a business was expensive enough as is and wanted to give entrepreneurs a cost-efficient way to acquire high-quality, royalty-free music.

With AudioHero owning the copyrights to everything in its library, you never have to worry about paying additional licensing fees or lawyer fees (for when those copyright complaints roll in).

It’s simple: AudioHero provides premium audio at a price that no one else in the market can offer.

  • 3,000 AudioHero Hero Plan Credits
  • Credits/downloads never expire
  • Licensed for any production – No additional licensing or fees required
  • Choose from over 250,000 tracks of royalty free sound effects & music tracks
  • Able to re-download the same track with single credit
  • Playlist Maker Included
  • Licensed with all media and worldwide rights (Royalty-free)
  • Credits are one-time (don’t replenish)
  • Licensed for unlimited use for each download, in perpetuity & royalty-free
  • All future plan updates
  • 60-day money back guarantee, no matter the reason

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3,000 AudioHero Hero Plan Credits
$39 $299.99
3,000 AudioHero Hero Plan Credits
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