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ExpiredTwo years of access to Datagran’s Star Plan

$49 $2,388
Two years of access to Datagran’s Star Plan
Two years of access to Datagran’s Star Plan
Two years of access to Datagran’s Star Plan
$49 $2,388

Seize the Data.

Reach blissful harmony between your data and your operations with an all-in-one AI data workspace.

Things that are overwhelming: restaurant menus without pictures, JFK Airport, and processing mountains of data from your different sources.

You’ve got SQL data, FB ad performance, and sales funnel analytics — but stringing it together and making sense of if it all is painful.

Good thing we’re in the business of solutions here at AppSumo.

Say goodbye, data dilemma, and hello to Datagran.

Datagran is an all-in-one AI data workspace that integrates, analyzes and manages digital data to help you reduce clutter and grow.

Stacks on stacks are great when it comes to cash, not tech.

Datagran gives you everything you need in just one tech stack, eliminating chaos and saving you thousands per month.

Using machine learning, Datagran lets you easily clean and deduplicate data in real time.

This miraculous tool helps departments (business intelligence, marketing, and sales) visualizepredictand manage datacreate tasksand share files.

Collaborative growth is the name of the game for Datagran.

Let’s jump into the how:

First, Datagran gives you a visual on your business analytics with real-time data on things like product types, channel success, demographics, leads, and more.

Next, deep learning delivers the scoop on your paid and organic campaigns.

Figure out the vibe of your audience and which emotionskeywordsimagesformatsand colors they respond to best (“Whoever said orange was the new pink was seriously disturbed”).

You’ll also be able to track key metrics and see what’s working and what isn’t.

The best defense is a good offense—get on the preemptive with Datagran’s feature to predict and find personas.

You can easily find your product champions (i.e., who’s a real one), create strategies to migrate hibernating customerslearn client LFVspredict what your customers will buyfilter by product, and tons more.

Once you’ve determined your personas, it’s time to take action.

Just one click converts your personas into custom or lookalike audiences and allows you to place your ads in FacebookGoogleAmazon*, emailand SMS.* (*Coming soon.)

Datagran’s genius AI uses over 15,000 variables to optimize your ads.

Plus, you’ll be able to A/B test multiple creative assets and formats to figure out exactly what’s performing best.

With Datagran’s e-mail capabilities you will be able to send e-mails to specific clusters or personas with the click of a button.

Collaboration is everything — that’s why Datagran makes creating tasks, add notes, and storing files with your team a seamless process.

Note: A Slack, Asana, or Google account is required. This functionality will be released to all users in 2 months.

Businesses worldwide like Discovery, Subway, and KIA use Datagran to make collaborative growth a reality.

That’s because Datagran has everything you need, like integrationsdata dedupesanalyticspredictionsad insightsand social listening, all under one umbrella—essentially, they’ve got you covered (zing!).

Other tools are complex, hard to deploy, and offer way less for much steeper prices.

Only Datagran enables collaboration between teams that you could only dream of.

Datagran plays nice with other solutions, too, with integrations for S3, Syql, Postgres, Shopify, CSV, Facebook, and Google!

Your relationship status with your data should never be “It’s complicated.”

When it comes to simplifying your business growth, the path to smarter, data-driven decisions starts with Datagran.

  • Two years of access to Datagran’s Star Plan
  • Analytics
  • 1,000,000 rows per data source/month
  • Export Audiences
  • All future plan updates
  • Stack an unlimited number of codes
  • 60-day money back guarantee, no matter the reason
  • Up to 5 Integrations
  • 5 Predictive Analysis/month
  • 5 Ad Insights/month
  • 5 Social listenings/month
  • $10,000 in monthly ad spend
  • 1,000 Email marketing/month

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Two years of access to Datagran's Star Plan
$49 $2,388
Two years of access to Datagran’s Star Plan
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