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Lifetime access to Vectera

$69 $295
Lifetime access to Vectera
Lifetime access to Vectera
Lifetime access to Vectera
$69 $295

Schedule. Meet. Repeat.

Meet better with integrated scheduling and persistent virtual rooms

A lot of effort goes into client meetings—you have to plan, prepare, fight traffic, and then review.

That’s a whole lot of time and effort you could spend meeting more clients and growing your business.

Lucky for you, there’s an online meeting room that can take bookings, store all communication, and drastically improve your meetings process.

Meet (ha!) Vectera.

Vectera creates unique and always-accessible client video meeting rooms that store content and communication—forever.

Vectera is a zero-hassle solution right out the gate with no required downloads, so you’re ready to launch your first meeting room right now. Or now. Orrrr now.

The only thing your client needs is the meeting room URL and a browser.

You can play hard to get with your clients and make them come to you!

With Vectera’s powerful scheduling tool, your clients find time on your busy calendar without endless back-and-forth emails.

Vectera lets you schedule online and offline appointments. For online meetings, a meeting URL is automatically generated and shared with the client and host in an invite.

When a returning client books a new meeting, their trusty meeting room URL is reshared.

And you’ll never miss a date because Vectera integrates with Google CalendarMicrosoft Office 365iCloudMicrosoft Exchangeand more.

Within a video meeting, you can share your screen or co-browse with your client and upload documents directly into the virtual room.

There’s no more “Flip to page 10 of the agreement, third paragraph from the top.

With Vectera, your clients are right there with you.

Get visual with Vectera’s touch-friendly whiteboard that lets you keep notes or sketch your ideas, and even draw on screenshots and uploads.

All notesdocumentsand recordings remain available in the virtual meeting room.

Give your client access to the meeting room to go over the discussion, plus Vectera lets you record your conversation for deeper review.

You and your clients can return to the virtual room whenever you feel like, and next time you meet, you can pick up the conversation right where you left off.

  • Lifetime access to Vectera
  • Virtual persistent meeting rooms
  • Scheduling
  • Powerful whiteboard with document annotation support and infinite canvas
  • Screenshare & cobrowse without downloads
  • Unlimited recordings
  • 2 GB of Storage
  • Presenter mode
  • Integrations with CRM & storage (Google cloud + Dropbox)
  • Private notes during the meeting
  • Custom branding (email, logo & greet screen)
  • No downloads or installations
  • 1 Host seat(s)
  • You must redeem your code(s) within 60 days of purchase
  • Each host can use 1 room simultaneously
  • All future plan updates
  • Max 2GB of storage per host
  • 60-day money back guarantee, no matter the reason

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Lifetime access to Vectera
$69 $295
Lifetime access to Vectera
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