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Jumppl Lifetime Deal -83%
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Jumppl Lifetime Deal

Manage your team better Powerful project management and team collaboration platform Introducing Jumppl. TL;DR Enjoy a comprehensive, simple project management tool that makes it easy to collaborate and communicate with your team Access many tools in one platform: Client Portal, Chat, Cloud Storage for Tasks, ...

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Paldesk Rising Star Plan Lifetime Deal -91%
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Paldesk Rising Star Plan Lifetime Deal

Omnichannel communication platform Talk to visitors and customers in one place, regardless of how they connect with you. Meet Paldesk. TL;DR Talk to customers from multiple channels (live chat, chatbot, email, social, and Telegram) in a single dashboard Keep track of user satisfaction, record user journeys, ...

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HelloWoofy Lifetime Deal -92%
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HelloWoofy Lifetime Deal

One social media dashboard to rule them all Manage your social media marketing with data science Meet HelloWoofy, your secret social media weapon. TL;DR Autocomplete social posts with the best words, quotes, emojis, hashtags, and images using built-in AI Connects with Instagram, Twitter, Facebook groups and ...

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WidgetKit Unlimited Lifetime Deal -80%
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WidgetKit Unlimited Lifetime Deal

Amplify Elementor Capabilities The most advanced & powerful Elementor Addons Kit that enhances your website building capabilities Meet WidgetKit. TL;DR Get 30+ creative, unique elements and extensions to boost your website Step up your storefront with powerful plugins designed to grow your e-commerce business ...

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WPOnepager Unlimited Lifetime Deal -75%
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WPOnepager Unlimited Lifetime Deal

Drag & Drop Onepage Create Impressive Animated Websites in Minutes, Not Hours What you want is WPOnepager. TL;DR An easy to use landing page builder for all levels of expertise Get up and running in no time with 100+ customizable templates Create beautiful landing pages with drag and drop setup Best for: ...

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Capturly Lifetime Deal -86%
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Capturly Lifetime Deal

Full-scale analytics for your online business Make better decisions based on real user interactions. Here comes Capturly. Let's understand more about this tool - Analytics Platform - helps you to understand how your visitors engage with your website Session Replay - watch and analyze recordings of how your ...

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SuperbThemes Lifetime Deal -67%
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SuperbThemes Lifetime Deal

Beautiful, Seo Optimized & Lightweight. Breathtaking WordPress Themes. Lightweight & SEO Optimized WordPress Themes Here comes the SuperbThemes. TL;DR Create freakishly fast websites with access to a growing library of multi-purpose themes and plugins Rank higher and faster with lightweight and ...

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ResponseSuite Lifetime Deal -91%
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ResponseSuite Lifetime Deal

Surveys To Power-Up Your Marketing Turn your email marketing into a watertight sales machine in 2 easy steps Crank up your ResponseSuite. TL;DR Drag-and-drop white-labeled surveys with customizable URL redirects and smart thank you pages Build your list and boost sales by automatically showing customized ...

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Lifetime access to Shorby -78%
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Lifetime access to Shorby

The Link Between Drive traffic and retarget clickers with one, impressive link Today, there are so many different sites and apps to promote your brand and content on. And you, my friend, are taking full advantage by using them all. The only downside is there's no way to showcase everything in one place. Well, now ...

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Lifetime access to Copywritely -67%
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Lifetime access to Copywritely

Get Your Copy Right. Give your content the SEO makeover it deserves. Like many content creators, your work is often overlooked and underappreciated. But simply building backlinks and improving site speed isn’t going to result in the organic traffic you want. You need search engines to love your content as much as ...

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Socital Lifetime Deal -92%
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Socital Lifetime Deal

Personalized Onsite Campaigns For ecommerce Stop losing sales. Turn anonymous visitors into paying customers, with onsite campaigns. Check out Socital. Quick Overview Personalized recommendations with 18% average conversion rate Call to action buttons with Facebook, Linkedin, Google & Twitter Rich ...

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Social Aider Lifetime Deal -92%
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Social Aider Lifetime Deal

Your Personal Social Media Scheduling Tool Schedule Your Updates To Keep Your Audience Entertained, Always! We are introducing a product called Social Aider. Quick Overview Add & manage an unlimited number of social media profiles/pages/projects for no extra charges. Time-zone feature lets you schedule ...

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