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ExpiredLifetime access to Dubb’s AppSumo Plan

$59 $360
Lifetime access to Dubb’s AppSumo Plan
Lifetime access to Dubb’s AppSumo Plan
Lifetime access to Dubb’s AppSumo Plan
$59 $360

Rub-A-Dubb-Dubb, join the video club.

Improve communication and have fun doing it with Dubb.

It’s darn near 2019, people. If you are still communicating via phone or lengthy snoozefest emails, you need to get with the times.

In today’s day and age, people are getting messages across with video.

Why? Because video drastically reduces confusion and time spent clarifying.

Now, meet your new favorite video tool: Dubb.

Dubb is a video communication platform that lets you build relationships and quickly convey information to prospective and existing customers.

Dubb helps you create and share conversion-driving screen recordings and live and prerecorded videos without any specialized equipment, software, or technical skills.

These videos can be used to increase salesimprove marketingand simplify onboarding.

Every video in your account will be hosted on a subdomain, which can be customized with your own logo, custom URL, page theme, contact information, additional video playlists, and more.

Uploading your videos to Dubb is only half the fun.

Once you’ve uploaded a video, you’ll be able to add a titledescriptionand tagstoss in CTA’schoose player colors and themes; and select start timeend timeand thumbnail graphic.

I know your eyes widened when I mentioned CTAs.

That’s right, folks: Dubb gives you the ability to throw in five different kinds of CTAs: email, URL, phone, FB Messenger, and calendar.

All of this video greatness can be yours for life for just $59!

Uh huh. We are giving you a conversion thoroughbred for only $59.

Start impressing customers with video now!

  • Lifetime access to Dubb’s AppSumo Plan
  • Even though your deal is lifetime, you must redeem your code(s) by March 1, 2019
  • 10GB of Storage
  • 100 Videos
  • HD Video
  • Custom Logo
  • Custom URL
  • Themes
  • Custom Video Controls
  • Customizable Calls-to-Action
  • Analytics Dashboard
  • Social Profile Integration
  • Video Upload
  • CRM Integrations
  • Slack Notifications
  • Stack unlimited codes to increase your amount of storage & number of videos
  • 60-day money back guarantee. No matter the reason.

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Lifetime access to Dubb's AppSumo Plan
$59 $360
Lifetime access to Dubb’s AppSumo Plan
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