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ExpiredLifetime access to HepShelf’s Professional Plan

$49 $550
Lifetime access to HepShelf’s Professional Plan
Lifetime access to HepShelf’s Professional Plan
Lifetime access to HepShelf’s Professional Plan
$49 $550

Help on the Shelf.

A full suite of support tools in one Swiss Army Widget.

Good help is hard to find these days, especially if your helpful content is tucked away like yourOne Direction posters when guests visit.

Your website’s got the FAQ section on one page, video tutorials on another, and support chat in the fifth dimension.

Scattered help resources + confused customers = more support tickets and work for you.

Now, you can simplify that equation with HelpShelf.

HelpShelf combines your customer support resources into one widget and makes sure they’re always available when customers need them most.

HelpShelf’s brilliant engine tracks what users on your site are searching for and creates content suggestions so others can find it, too.

Like Netflix’s oddly specific recommendations (who told them about my love for Canadian made-for-TV movies?), HelpShelf delivers the right content at the right time.

Think of HelpShelf as the best waiter ever, anticipating customer needs based on whichever page they visit and already back with that refill (of knowledge).

Linking HelpShelf to your website couldn’t be easier – just enter your URL and the tool guides you through a simple template.

How do you want your customers to contact you? Choose from numerous chat providers or good ol’ fashioned e-mail.

Next, tell HelpShelf where your product content lives and provide a public roadmap.

And that’s it, you’re done!

Well, almost. You still have to beautify your widget!

This powerful widget will pool your help resources together in a place customers can actually see it.

And HelpShelf will show you valuable stats on your content as well as interactions and contact submissions.

Businesses everywhere are using HelpShelf to improve user experiences on their websites.

Now you can bring your A-game to customer support with the HelpShelf Professional Plan that includes:

  • 5 sites
  • 10 sources
  • 5,000 MTU (Monthly Tracked Users)
  • 6 months data history
  • Analytics & reporting
  • All future updates to the Professional Plan

Imagine a tool that lets your support team focus on delivering quality assistance, instead of burying them in a mountain of easily solved support tickets.

Lucky for you, power up your customer support now by getting lifetime access to the Professional Plan at just $49!

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Lifetime access to HepShelf's Professional Plan
$49 $550
Lifetime access to HepShelf’s Professional Plan
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